Reducing Costs and Saving Water with Agri-Valley Irrigation

Key Stats For Reducing Costs:

  • Grower: Jim Walls
  • Location: Fresno, CA
  • Crop: Almonds
  • Local Dealer: Agri-Valley Irrigation
  • Products & Services: Drip line irrigation, Micro Sprinklers, Micro Pro, Water Management


Jim Walls reduced costs dramatically by switching to drip line irrigation and modernizing his irrigation systems. Agri-Valley Irrigation is his go-to supplier for irrigation for the past 27 years and counting. Jim owns Rock N’ JK Farms, as well as: Rock N’ JK South, Rock N’ JK West, Rock N’ JK North, and Rock N’ WF Farms. He also finds time to manage Chaney Ranch, LLP too.  He grows almonds and his farms are all located throughout West Fresno in California.

Agri-Valley Irrigation consistently serves Jim Walls in many ways, “Agri-Valley is hands-on, and they are willing to work with customers to solve their irrigation needs.” Jim’s main problem with irrigation is conserving water and reducing costs. Jim states, “Once I modernized my irrigation system with the design that Agri-Valley Irrigation provided me with, I was able to see a huge difference in costs. The modernization of the irrigation system offers me peace of mind knowing my water usage is efficient.” Agri-Valley continues to provide Jim his monthly Micro-Pro servicing appointments, replacing surface lines with buried carrier lines, and overall upgrading the system where appropriate.

Agri-Valley installed micro drip sprinklers for Jim at Rock N’ JK Farms, and all his other entities. He says, “I choose Agri-Valley because they always have adequate stock on hand and the energy savings and water savings  I see is beyond what I expected.” Jim explained when the cost of water went up; he needed to find alternatives or a solution to reduce costs. He said, “Agri-Valley has been there from the beginning, and will continue to be there till the end. I highly recommend Agri-Valley Irrigation because they are a perfect blend of service and value.” Jim knows when it comes to servicing his farms and crops, he is leaving everything in the hands of professionals.

The “Must Know” Factors:

  • Drip line irrigation is the money saver
  • Upgrades to your irrigation system will offer the best performance
  • Managing water usage is attainable with the right professional help and guidance


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