Micro Pro – Choosing the Right Water Treatment for your Crops

Micro-Pro, assures you consistent water flow for balanced coverage and uniformity. Borba Farms is a 9,000-acre farming operation that grows almonds, tomatoes, pistachios, garlic, melons, lettuce, and cotton. Borba Farms is located between Huron and Five Points, California. Mark Borba, the owner of Borba Farms, uses Micro Pro for water maintenance and increased yields. Micro Pro is a division of Agri-Valley Irrigation. It offers an extensive line of maintenance and remediation products for your irrigation system. It also offers unique water treatment for your crops.

Planted lettuce at Borba Farms
Agri-Valley Irrigation Services being used
Agri-Valley Precision Irrigation

For the last 40 years, Borba Farms has been using Agri-Valley Irrigation services, and for the last 16 years, Borba Farms has been using Micro Pro services. Micro Pro is an “answered prayer” for Borba Farms, as Eduardo Cabrera says. He is the ranch supervisor and knows the ranches inside and out. He knows what is lacking, and what needs to be done to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. When Eduardo and Kevin, the ranch superintendent decided to try Micro Pro, they wanted to solve several water management issues. Eduardo says, “water management was not up to par. Micro Pro fixed that problem. The water from Westland’s was filthy, and Micro Pro ’s services brought cleanliness and control.”

Micro Pro site at Borba Farms

The benefits are numerous using Micro Pro services. According to Eduardo Cabrera, he says “the benefits that we see include reduced labor cost, all around better results while using Micro Pro, and most importantly food safety is a huge benefit for us. Micro Pro delivers us clean water. The water is not questionable. It is pure and clean.” The main reason why Kevin and Eduardo decided to use Micro Pro is “they wanted to prevent any problems from occurring”. They are both certain that Micro Pro is going to solve any problem before it even has a chance to begin.

The beauty of what Micro Pro can deliver for your crops

Some ongoing work that Micro Pro is providing Borba Farms is Bi-weekly service, water treatments, annual shocks, and also monthly data reports sent by the Micro Pro technicians. After working with Borba Farms for so many years, Micro Pro continues to service over 30 sites for them. Borba Farms is very pleased with what Micro Pro continues to do for them and their crops. Eduardo Cabrera says, “We will pay whatever cost for good services and products that will better our crops”.

A little water maintenance brings out the best in crops.

Being able to continuously work with Borba Farms for so many years is definitely a joy for Eduardo. He says, “The Company is not mine, but I do everything I can to take care of it as if it is mine.” Eduardo says, “I know Borba Farms will continue using Micro Pro for all their water maintenance needs because we are all very happy with the great service it provides. It is also a very timely service. Whenever you call a Micro Pro technician, they do their very best to come out that same day to deliver assistance.”


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