Jain Logic water management software makes managing water easier.  Growers access detailed information about their fields on any web-enabled device with just a few simple clicks or swipes. Clay Groefsema, a Jain Logic user for the past three years, says, “Jain Logic is interesting to many growers because it allows you to monitor what happens in the ground at all times. It offers a sense of control and security.” Jain Logic delivers real-time data from sensors placed in the field. It sends data reports, updates, and notifications to any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Three generations of a growing Groefsema family business
Dutchman Farms – BKG – G Legacy – Dutchman Farms Partnership – Groefsema Enterprizes, LLC

Jain Logic site at Dutchman Farms 

Clay owns Groefsema Enterprizes, LLC. He and his family were born into farming. Altogether they are affiliated with, Dutchman Farms Partnership, BKG, Dutchman Farms, and G Legacy. These entities are located along the I-5 and in the Turlock/Gustine area of California.  In total, BKG, G Legacy, and Dutchman use 10 Jain Logic sites to improve yields and reduce labor cost. The advantages seen with Jain Logic are great. Clay says, “When I was with Olam, we interviewed Jain field monitoring and control caught my eye.  Another important reason I choose Jain Logic is that Agri-Valley Irrigation is behind it. Knowing that Agri-Valley Irrigation stands as the backbone, gives me security knowing I made the right decision.”

The desire to make changes to the irrigation system is simple. “We want to stay on top of our game,” says Clay.  “We want assurance in knowing the irrigation system is performing at its very best. Also, we want to be effective with our water usage and sustain it at the same time.” According to Clay, the software capabilities of Jain Logic, and technology advances drew him in as a customer. Clay continues to use Jain Logic for many reasons. He says, “Jain Logic optimizes our efficiency, it sets the moisture at what I want.”

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Some of Jain Logic’s capabilities are soil moisture monitoring, irrigation scheduling, and data management. A core component, soil moisture monitoring is used to give growers a window on what is taking place beneath the soil. It provides growers a sense of security knowing that the crops yields are maximized. Secondly, irrigation scheduling gives the grower the freedom to create irrigating schedules remotely saving labor cost.  Another essential feature of Jain Logic is the reliability and accurateness of all the collected data from the fields. Jain Logic allows the grower to access all data, download and print detailed reports, and analyze what was drawn from the field all from the comfort of a computer or mobile device.

Jain Logic is highly recommended

Clay says, “I highly recommend Jain Logic because Agri-Valley irrigation is behind it. Agri-Valley is a very well-known leading and respected irrigation company in the Central Valley. I know that working with Agri-Valley and Jain Logic can only benefit me and my crops in reaching maximum potential. The customer service that Agri-Valley Irrigation provides is exceptional and very reliable.”

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