Isla Vista Farms Thrives with Agri-Valley

Key Stats:

  • Grower: Isla Vista Farms
  • Location: Madera, CA – Sanger, CA – Reedley, CA
  • Crops: Almonds and Walnuts
  • Farm Size: 500 acres

With 500 acres of almonds and walnuts, Isla Vista Farms knows it is essential to use drip irrigation. To manage water efficiently, growers know it is necessary to transition all crops to drip irrigation. The increased production combined with water and labor savings makes it impossible to ignore.

Isla Vista Farms has been using Agri-Valley Irrigation products since the year 2000. Frank Roque, the owner of Isla Vista Farms, says, “Agri-Valley Irrigation does everything for me. They are my go-to. I trust the people there, especially the talented Pete Navarro. The performance of what they design is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. It allows me to reach maximum yields all year long.”

Frank Roque uses Agri-Valley for all his farming needs.  When Roque decided who to go with for building his irrigation system, he notes, “cheaper is not always better, It could propose more problems down the road. I know with Agri-Valley Irrigation, I am paying for excellent workmanship. The cost is priceless when it comes to what kind of service Agri-Valley offers.”

Roque says, “The designs and installations of Agri-Valley are exactly what I needed. To me, great service is key when installing a drip system.” Agri-Valley is continuing to help Isla Vista Farms reach yields at optimum performance levels. Roque states, “Agri-Valley’s work with welding, design, and installation is top-notch. The people who are employed there are one of a kind. Also, Agri-Valley Irrigation is always reliable.”

The “Must Know” Factors:

  • Great service is key
  • Agri-Valley Irrigation allows Isla Vista Farms to reach maximum yields all year long
  • Agri-Valley Irrigation is top notch in everything they do


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