How L & P Farms Quickly Saved $6,000 Using Jain Logic

Key Stats For Reducing Costs:

  • Grower: L & P Farms
  • Location: Five Points, CA
  • Crop: Pistachios
  • Farm Size: 4000 acres
  • Products & Services: Drip line irrigation, Micro Sprinklers, Micro Pro, Water Management


“In agriculture, there has to be a raised awareness when water is involved.”  This is one of several progressive thoughts from L & P Farms farm manager Jim Curtis.  “Everyone is worried about this topic. Water is expensive to manage, and everyone must do their part and conserve it intelligently. One way of doing that is to switch to drip irrigation and to install soil moisture monitoring to manage water usage in the fields tactfully.”

Jim says because of Jain Logic he has consistently saved money on fertilizer and water. Jim Curtis manages L & P Farms in Five Points, California. L & P Farms has over 4,000 acres of pistachios combined between Five Points and also Tulare County. Curtis says, “We have 15 Jain Logic sites throughout all our fields, and are looking to install more in the future.” The savings with Jain Logic are significant, says Curtis. Jain Logic has allowed me to have more freedom without having to continually worry about whether my trees are being watered enough.

Curtis says, “I can jump on my IPad and make changes to my soil moisture monitor settings from sitting in the comfort of my own home.  I use the Jain Logic infiltration widget to quickly see that water is being applied exactly to the root zone.”

Since using Jain Logic, the benefits are many. Curtis says, “I would irrigate based on what my trees looked like, and that always bothered me. I went to Agri-Valley Irrigation and not only did they save me money but in water usage as well.”

After being a customer of Jain Logic for a year, Curtis says, “I do not have to search for products or services elsewhere because I know that Agri-Valley Irrigation is enjoyable and knowledgeable to work with, and their products and service stand true to what they are expected to do.” Curtis says, “It took me a whole season to learn the system and how the soil and water react.  I even dug a back-hoe pit to see where the water was.  I totally readjusted my thinking about the amount and timing of irrigations based on the tools of Jain Logic and confirmation from the pit I dug. Thus, I was able to save large amounts of water that previously may have gone past the root zone.”

L & P Farms chose Jain Logic for many reasons, one reason being the many improvements attained with Jain Logic.  “One time of irrigating saved L & P Farms over $6,000, says Curtis.” The possibilities are endless, and now that Curtis knows what enhanced capabilities Jain Logic offers, he is entirely on board. He studies the monitors closely to understand what is taking place in his field, and Jain Logic  management tools like infiltration rate will be necessities with the changes the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act is bringing to the farm.

Jim recommends Jain Logic for all growers. The management behind Jain Logic is what makes this product so valuable, says Curtis. Jain Logic saved money for L & P Farms, and it continues to give Curtis the drive to be in the fields observing the changes. He says, “The best fertilizer for your crop is the farmer’s footsteps in your field.” Loving what you do is the key to a happy life. Jim Curtis has farmed with L & P Farms for two years and said, “I can’t retire, I love what I do, and I make stuff happen.”

The “Must Know” Factors:

  • Jain Logic enhances farming capabilities for L & P Farms
  • Jain Logic saved L & P Farms $6,000.00 during one time of irrigation
  • “The best fertilizer for your crop is the farmer’s footsteps in your field.”


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