Eliminate Crop Loss with Field Monitoring and Control

Key Stats:

  • Grower: Jim Reese
  • Location: Planada, CA
  • Crop: Figs
  • Local Dealer: Agri-Valley Irrigation
  • Products & Services: Jain Logic™


According to fig grower, Jim Reese, the benefits of using Jain Logic™ field monitoring and control are numerous. The owner of California Export Company says, “Jain Logic™ helps me monitor what happens in the ground at all times.” Jim has over 40 years of experience in farming and started his company, California Export, 30 years ago. Reese is a happy customer and has been using Jain Logic™ products for the past three years. He currently has two field monitoring and control sites with Jain Logic™ and is looking to add more in the very near future. Also, Reese will be switching to automation.

The savings with Jain Logic™ field monitoring and control are significant, says Reese. Jain Logic™  increased yield and allowed Reese more freedom without worrying about his soil moisture monitor settings. Reese says, “I left for vacation for two weeks, and I knew I was taken care of with Jain Logic™. I knew my crops were being well cared for while I was away.” Reese says, “There is no irrigator error with Jain Logic™.” Jain Logic™ is precise and accurate in formulation of its data reporting. There is a significant increase in production because of the placement of water.

Reese chose Jain Logic™ for many reasons, one main reason is he did not want a crop loss. He says, “I grow figs, shallow-rooted plants. I know that with Jain Logic™, they would survive and be a saved crop during the drought season. Jain Logic™ allows me to monitor soil moisture setting at all times.” Every year, frost seems to attack Reese’s crops, and now Jain Logic™ alerts him to frost issues, and the problem has subsided. He says, “I am now able to keep track of water and soil moisture monitoring levels. Jain Logic™ took care of my frost issue. It is a great asset that pays for itself.”

Reese recommends Jain Logic™ to all growers. He experienced the turnaround effects personally.  After installing Jain Logic™ it paid for itself with increased yield and reduced labor costs in a short period of time. I confidently say getting on board with Jain Logic™ is the best decision I have made thus far.”  Jain Logic™ saved Reese’s crops and gained him a 40% increase in production.  Reese says, “Jain Logic™ is a huge money saver and money maker.”

The “Must Know” Factors:

  • Jain Logic™ is a money saver and money maker
  • Reese increased production by 40% with Jain Logic™
  • Jain Logic™ offers growers peace of mind when away from the farm
  • There is “no irrigator” error with Jain Logic™


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