Drip Irrigation Increases Yield for Errotabere Ranches

Key Stats For Reducing Costs:

  • Grower: Jean Errotabere
  • Location: Riverdale & Five Points CA
  • Local Dealer: Agri-Valley Irrigation
  • Crops: Almonds, Pistachios, Wine grapes, Tomatoes, Garlic, Beans, Seed lettuce, Wheat, and Cotton

Jean Errotabere, the owner of Errotabere Ranches, says “If it weren’t for Agri-Valley Irrigation and the enhanced technology, Errotabere Ranches would be out of business. We cannot farm without the drip technology Agri-Valley continues to provide us.” Jean has been using Agri-Valley products since 1983. Errotabere Ranches is a 6,500-acre family-owned business that was established in the 1920s. It continues to be a prospering farm business in the central valley.

Errotabere Ranches acknowledges water is an essential necessity for farming. The way water resources are managed is very pivotal in farm management.

Jean says, “In order for Errotabere Ranches to conserve water we have to rely fully on Agri-Valley Irrigation. We started using Agri-Valley when Larry Rompal’s Company was beginning to flourish. Agri-Valley is the fairest in pricing and quality of service and products. It is a tremendous weight off our shoulders knowing that we are investing in terrific quality and service.”

To conserve water, Jean is now farming with 100% drip technology. He says by switching to drip he has seen an increase in yield by 50-60% upon the immediate use of the newly installed technology. One key factor that Jean shares is “You must learn the ins and outs of your system, and what it does. Once that is underway, the yield will begin to increase more.” Not only is Jean using drip technology, but he also is using Agri-Valley’s continued maintenance program – Micro Pro. The maintenance program is a service that ensures Errotabere Ranches their drip irrigation system is running at the performance level it is intended for. Regular maintenance helps maintain a great system all year long. Jean says, “We have everything under drip irrigation, and we have yet to see any flaws. This new drip technology is very affordable and dependable. I feel confident that Agri-Valley is helping me achieve increased yield savings all year long.”


Happy with the performance of Agri-Valley Irrigation to design and install all his drip systems, Errotabere Ranches has recommended everyone should use Agri-Valley Irrigation for their upcoming drip irrigation projects. Jean says, “I will continue to recommend Agri-Valley to anyone I come in contact with because their performance, service, and quality of products is one that can’t be found anywhere else. Agri-Valley is the best in the industry.”

The “Must Know” Factors:

  • Errotabere Ranches increased their yield by 50-60% immediately
  • Micro Pro maintenance program helps maintain a drip system to run at its best all year long
  • Agri-Valley Irrigation is the fairest in pricing and quality of service and products
  • “You must learn the ins and outs of your system, and the yield will begin to increase.”


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