Drip Irrigation Alleviates Irrigation Problems for Bee Sweet Citrus

Key Stats:

  • Grower: Bee Sweet Citrus
  • Location: Fowler, CA
  • Crops: Citrus
  • Farm Size: 10,500 acres


With 10,500 acres of citrus in the Central Valley of California, Bee Sweet knows it is essential to use drip irrigation. To manage water efficiency, it is necessary to transition all crops to drip irrigation. The increased production combined with water and labor savings makes it impossible to ignore.

Bee Sweet Citrus has been using Agri-Valley Irrigation products long before Matt Watkins became the Director of Farm Operations in 2005 and that is great with him. Watkins says, “Agri-Valley creates/develops a product for a customer to create a solution.” Some advantages that Agri-Valley continues to bring to Bee Sweet Citrus is “incredible customer service, extensive knowledge of irrigation, and easy customization of add-ons to projects” says Watkins.

The drought, water expenses, and inefficient usage all played a part as to why Bee Sweet needed a drastic change. Agri-Valley is continuing to help Bee Sweet reach increased yields and efficiently manage water. The changes taken are significant, says Watkins. He states, “Agri-Valley’s work with welding, design, and installation is top notch. They are the solution that alleviates our irrigation problems.”

As Bee Sweet moves forward in their business, they continue to use Agri-Valley Irrigation. The ongoing work scheduled to take place is new plantings with upgraded irrigation systems installed.

The “Must Know” Factors:

  • Drip irrigation is key for water efficiency usage
  • Agri-Valley Irrigation creates a product for a customer to create a solution
  • Agri-Valley Irrigation is the fairest in pricing and quality of service and products


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