Precision irrigation keeps KP-Two Ranches ahead of the competition when it comes to water management.  KP-Two Ranches has been in business for 33 years and counting.  The ranch is 1500 acres of land located between Kerman, Easton, Biola, and Rolinda California.  They grow almonds, pistachios, and grapes. Kenneth Peelman, the owner of KP-Two Ranches, uses Agri-Valley Irrigation for design, development, maintenance and enhanced irrigation systems for increased yields and water savings. They have a 20-year history of successful water management with AgriValley, and Kenneth has been using drip irrigation for his crops for the last six years.

Pistachio Planting at KP-Two Ranches

Pistachio Planting at KP-Two Ranches

Agri-Valley Irrigation Services being used

Agri-Valley Precision Irrigation

Kenneth Peelman is proud to say, “Agri-Valley Irrigation is very well known. It is a wonderful company who I have worked with for so many years. I have known the owner of Agri-Valley Irrigation for over 40 years. My choice to work so closely with Agri-Valley Irrigation is not by friendship, but by quality and expertise of the services that are provided to me to better care for my ranches and crops.” As each crop is planted, Peelman feels the need to conserve water in better ways. Agri-Valley Irrigation introduced him to drip irrigation, and now with Peelman using Jain drip irrigation products, his water conservation levels are increasing dramatically.

In the last six years, Peelman established drip irrigation on over 1500 acres.  Mr. Peelman is appreciative of the help he receives, “I have seen a world of a difference with Agri-Valley Irrigation and Jain taking control on my ranches. I trust the products used and the services provided. I know for a fact that my crops are in great hands.”

Kenneth Peelman made changes to his Irrigation system for KP-Two Ranches for many reasons, such as water conservation, crop efficiency, efficient fertilization, and knowing where and when to apply water as needed. He says, “Agri-Valley Irrigation has indeed satisfied my needs in helping ensure that my ranches and crops are well cared for.” Not only is Peelman exclusively using drip irrigation, but he also uses two other very profound and effective services, Jain Monitoring and Control Field Monitoring, and Micro Pro.

He knows what it takes to have an irrigation system run smoothly and effectively.  Peelman says “I will only trust the professionals at Agri-Valley Irrigation, they know what products and services are best for my ranches, and I will not argue with them.”  Now, with all the help from Agri-Valley Irrigation, LLC and products from Jain, Peelman can continue to manage his water levels, manage the need of fertilizer, and he almost can design his own system after working with Agri-Valley Irrigation for so many wonderful years.

Planted February 2018

Planted February 2018

KP-Two Ranches is not finished yet, Peelman works closely with Agri-Valley Irrigation, LLC and is designing an 80-acre almond and pistachio project that will begin in late March of 2018.

KP-Two Ranches utilizing the Jain Logic service

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