5 Key Benefits of Installing Irrigation Systems with Agri-Valley

Oscar Cruz has been solving the toughest irrigation problems for the past 11 years for Agri-Valley.  He knows efficient irrigation means more food with less water. Efficient irrigation and quality workmanship are the flagships of Agri-Valley since its beginning, and customers benefit in five key ways.

Agri-Valley Irrigation Engineers

Agri-Valley Irrigation engineers, design, fabricate, install, and maintain your project. They carry a large inventory of parts at each of their locations: Fresno, Firebaugh, Merced, Bakersfield, Visalia, and Five Points.

Agri-Valley Irrigation specialized crews are experts in welding, fabrication, concrete, PVC installation, and electrical. The field staff of installation and service personnel are considered the finest in the industry. “Our experience is unmatched, and we set the standard for quality and workmanship,” says Oscar Cruz, Director of Construction. Installations include mechanical sprinklers, drip irrigation systems, jet systems, subsurface systems, PVC transport systems, Jain Field Monitoring and Control products, and solid set sprinklers.

Supervision Of Projects

Cruz is one of five supervisors who all share similar roles, including project management, and customer and sales staff interactions.  This creates an additional layer of coverage and oversight for customers. They schedule crews, equipment, sub-contractors, materials, and other logistics helping support the field construction operations to run smoothly daily.

Many customers choose Agri-Valley Irrigation for their agricultural needs because Agri-Valley is the leader in the irrigation industry. Agri-Valley has set the standard for the industry to follow. Cruz says, “Our customers know when they invest in our systems, they have invested in quality and experience.  They also invest in a partner who will help manage the water levels to their crops.” The response time, flexibility, and coverage of Agri-Valley is unmatched by others. What sets Agri-Valley irrigation apart from other irrigation companies is “a sense of integrity and professionalism of our crews and field supervisors. We care about our customers. This is why they continue to call us. Our customers know that we will do whatever we need to do to take care of their needs.” Says Cruz.

Timely Completion

It’s hard to predict when a project will be completed due to the variables of soil conditions or layout of systems. However, Agri-Valley has the capabilities of fulfilling the deadlines of our customers because of our extensive service staff that covers the entire Central San Joaquin Valley.  Cruz says, “I tell customers to set a timeframe that is fair and suitable to their operational needs, and I will be certain the project is completed at the desired time the customer requests.”



Agri-Valley offers its customers training and overview of the system project. Cruz says, “We go over the service requirements and recommendations of the system. We hope the customers understand and realize the value of properly maintaining their irrigation system. We want the customer to have as much interaction with the irrigation system as possible.” In a lifetime, you will only get what you invest in it.

Micro Pro

Micro Pro is a division of Agri-Valley that offers water treatment service to ensure that your dripline and components stay clean for optimal water delivery and system performance. Agri-Valley stands true as the irrigation company that is unique from other irrigation companies. When you invest in an irrigation system with Agri-Valley, you have also invested in a company that will stay by your side for the entire life span of the irrigation system.


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