Top 4 Drip Tubing Benefits

Drip tubing is an efficient way of delivering water directly and evenly to the plant root zone by using an emission device such as an emitter or micro-sprinkler. It supports various crops such as citrus, stone fruit, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, etc.

Agri-Valley Irrigation stocks many different sizes of drip tubing, such as 16mm, 18mm, and 20mm. The hose that is sold with emitters often has spacing of 24”, 36”, etc. In addition, the drip tubing contains gallon flows of .5 GPH, 1 GPH, etc. Lastly, drip tubing comes in options of pressure compensating (PC) and non-pressure compensating (NC), it depends upon what your crops need.

  1. Delivers water slowly to the root zone
  2. Improves quality and ensures early maturity of crops
  3. Reduces water loss from evaporation and over watering
  4. Saves water – Saves time – Saves money!

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