Spring System Start-Up

When spring arrived did you find your irrigation system fouled?

A fouled irrigation system must be cleaned and sanitized before any preventative maintenance can begin. With the help of Micro Pro, your system can run flawlessly and increase your yields. Micro Pro is a division of Agri-Valley Irrigation, offering an extensive line of maintenance and remediation products for your irrigation system. It also provides unique water treatment for your crops. Micro Pro prevents your system from growing algae, bacteria, and bio-film as well as mineral problems such as calcium and scaling deposits.

When was the last time you checked the levels and quality of the sand and gravel inside your sand media tanks?

Do you need to add sand or replace both sand and gravel?  Depending on your water quality, you want to change out the sand/gravel every 4 to 7 years.  Generally, sand #16 is used for drip hose, and sand #20 is used for tape.  #3 gravel is used for drip hose and tape.

Have you checked your PD (pressure differential) gauge inside the flush box?

If water is not drained out of it and we have a freeze, more often than not, it is broken.  The PD gauge is very sensitive.

Are you running any maintenance material?

Agri-Valley Irrigation provides water samples at no cost to the grower.  This, along with field inspections, tells us if chemical maintenance is needed.  Whatever issues your water source may have, with our extensive product line, Micro Pro has you covered.

Has your system been shocked to help remedy any plugging?  If so, when was the last time this was done?

Ideally, you want to shock the system at least once a year to maintain DU (drip uniformity).  Some growers like to “put the system to bed” before winter and some wait until “Spring Startup.”  If the water quality is good and you are running a maintenance product, some growers will shock bi-yearly.  Again, it’s all about DU.

When is the last time you flushed out all of your hose ends?

With the use of Micro Pro, you are assured of consistent water flow for even coverage and uniformity.

The benefits are numerous using Micro Pro services.

The question is, are you ready for Spring?


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