Automation & Precision Irrigation

We help growers optimize water consumption, reduce costs, improve productivity and give them the capability to monitor and control farm operations from any device.

Field Monitoring Technology Trusted By Growers

Jain Logic™

From real-time soil moisture monitoring to evapotranspiration forecasting and irrigation scheduling, JAIN Logic is the only water management software farmers need to achieve more crop per drop.


Sensorless Jain Logic™

Entry-Level Opportunity Using Industry Leading Field Monitoring Software. No Field Sensors Required.


Jain Logic™ Pulse

Always on and always monitoring Pulse keeps an eye on your system to ensure it’s performing as expected; highlighting problem areas and reporting water use via email.

Water Management Services

We help you ObserveAnalyze and Act on plant responses using high-resolution satellite imaging while monitoring soil moisture conditions, weather and field irrigation events.

We will develop intelligent weekly irrigation schedules that can be easily implemented by our growers.  No one knows a field or the crop on it better than the grower. 

So, all of this will be done in an interactive weekly exchange with the grower where the grower will always have the final decision on their irrigation practices.

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